For those that forgot, we have extended the cereal food drive to this coming Friday, February 24th.

Senior Boys Playoff Standings 2016-17

1st       Team Purple      166points

2nd      Team Blue        159 points

3rd      Team Green     151 points

4th     Team Orange    146 points

5th     Team Red          145 points

6th    Team Lime         144 points




Week 14 Friday, February 24, 2017

6:30pm – BYE 1st Place Team & 2nd Place Team - Team 1&2 Practice 

1st Team Purple Coach Cindy & 2nd Team Blue Coach Frank

7:35pm Game 1 – 3rd Place Team vs 5th Place

3rd Team Kelly Green Coach Amy vs 5th Team Red Coach Cam

8:40pm Game 2 – 4th Place vs 6th Place

4th Team Orange Coach Brandon vs 6th Team Lime Coach Luke

Week 15 Friday March 3, 2017

6:30pm Team Practice Loser game 1 & 2

7:35pm Game 3 - 1st Place vs winner game 2

8:40pm Game 4 - 2nd Place vs winner game 1


Week 16 Friday, March 10, 2017 Championships

6:30pm – Bronze Medal Game – loser game 3 vs loser game 4

7:35pm – Gold Medal Game – winner game 3 vs winner game 4

8:40pm – 5th Place Game – loser game 1 vs loser game 2

Important notice!

Schedules for the following divisions have been updated with changes:

Senior Boys

Grade 2 

Jk, Sk, Grade 1 

Junior Co-ed


Please check and make sure to download the newest version for updated information.


“No One Fights Alone” Bracelet Fundraiser

Haldimand Huskies U14 Major Bantam Boys Basketball Team will be at ZEHRS Markets in Caledonia on Saturday December 10th selling “No One FIGHTS Alone” bracelets in support of their teammate ETHAN MCPHERSON who was recently diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Bracelets may be purchased for $5.00.

All proceeds with be donated to the McPherson Family.

Please help our teammate!




Due to strict Grand Erie District School Board Guidelines this year all school access doors will remain locked at all times During the season!


In an effort to lessen the impact and inconvenience to our members, phone numbers will be provided on the door to call for entry. We ask when you call to be patience as we cannot always drop everything immediately to open the doors, but we will try to send someone promptly. To lessen the inconvenience to everyone, please arrive on time for games


At this time we are actively seeking high school students needing community service hours to monitor the doors. Friday and Saturday programming will garner 4 hours/program. Interested students will achieve all 40 required hours in 1 season. If you have a teenager or know of one that requires hours please have them contact us either in the gym or on-line either through email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or leave us a Facebook message, Haldimand Huskies Basketball.


If there are any parent volunteers that are willing to help out on the days their children do not play, we would appreciate the help at the doors as well.


Thank you for your understanding and support


Haldimand Huskies Basketball



*Greg Verner President of the Ontario Basketball Association Presenting the OBA club of year award to Haldimand Huskies President Fred Doolittle and Vice President Taylor Holdsworth*

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